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Desperate-N-VA started this conversation

I am a 39 year old widowed mother of 3 children in desperate need of some help..  My husband was recently murdered.........a victim of road a group of young men.  I am at my wits end trying to hold on to the life that we built for our children.  I am an LPN and work full time and I also started a business a little over a year ago as a Notary Signing Agent which does bring in a little income but it just doesn't make up for w  Wohat my husband use to bring in.  In time I know that it will and I will be totally self sufficient but right now I need to make sure that my babies don't lose their father and their home too.  If you could just find it in your heart of hearts to help me in this time of need I am sure the lord will reward you 1000 times over and my children and I would be FOREVER GREATFUL!!  If everyone who reads this can send as little as $10 you could help me save our home and catch up on all of the other bills that have gotten behind.  You can mail it to 5 Emmaus Road  Poquoson, VA 23662.  I thank each and every one of you and my children do too.  May God Bless and Keep You!!!

You can also email me at:

Thank you again for anything you are able to do for us.  We will greatly appreciate you for the rest of our lives!

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Sorry to hear about your unfortunate events , Truely you are a strong person. Have you tried to get Social Security Benefits for the children ,If not please try to pursue this avenue. Victims of violent crime assistance? Free legal Seervices in Virgina- Legal Services of Northern Virgina 6400 Arlington Blvd., Suite 600 Falls Church, VA 22042. I hope this helps and keep your head up High! Miracles sometimes do happen. Good Luck, Tonya

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This is a picture of me and my children. Shortly after everything happened I took them to Luray Caverns to get away and we got to hold this baby bear. It was really good for them!

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